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Board Members:

Top row: Todd Brown, Board President- Ryan Hunt, Treasurer- David Witte

Bottom Row: Steve Hunt, Stacey Shafer, Vice President- Bob Bergquist

Policy No. 1000 Statement of Intent/Methods of Communications

Policy No. 1010 Visiting School

Policy No. 1020 Citizen Communications to the Board of Education

Policy No. 1030 Parent/Patron Comment Forms

Policy No. 1040 Annual Report

Policy No. 1050 Public Access to School Reports

Policy No. 1050-A Denial of Access to School District Records Form

Policy No. 1050-B Explanation of Delay in Fulfilling Request for School District Records

Policy No. 1060 Advertising and Promotion

Policy No. 1070 Publications, Radio, and Television

Policy No. 1080 School Directory

Policy No. 1100 Community Use of School Facilities

Policy No. 1100A Maintenance/Use Fees- Fee Schedule

Policy No. 1100B Contract for Use of School Buildings and Grounds

Policy No. 1100C Release and Indemnification Agreement

Policy No. 1110 Bulletin Boards, Display Case, and Posted Material

Policy No. 1120 Tobacco Policy

Policy No. 1200 Anti-discrimination; Designation of Coordinator and Grievance Procedure

Policy No. 1210 Title IX – Discrimination

Policy No. 1220 Form for Filing Complaints

Policy No. 1230 Building Accessibility

Policy No. 1240 ADA and Section 504 Grievance Procedure

Policy No. 1250 Notice of Designation of Coordinator

Policy No. 1300 Fundraising Activities

Policy No. 1310 Gifts to the School District; to School Employees; by School Employees

Policy No. 1400 School and Community Organizations

Policy No. 1410 Parent Organizations

Policy No. 1420 Citizens’ Advisory Committees

Policy No. 1430 Utilizing Community Resources

Policy No. 1440 Staff Participation in Community Affairs

Policy No. 1450 School Personnel and the Public

Policy No. 1460 Student Production of Goods and Services

Policy No. 1470 Public Performances by Students